Professional Indemnity

For those businesses or professionals who give advice or provide designs. Protects you from loss arising from your error, misjudgement or negligence.

Management Liability

Covers the risks in managing a business like, OH&S, Employment practices, Directors and officers, & Errors and omissions.
Directors and Officers: Provides cover for the company for its liability to indemnify its directors and officers for liabilities and legal costs in claims made by third parties for wrongful acts.

Employment Practises

This cover is designed to help employers minimise the risk and potential cost of claims taken against them by employees. These actions may be related to such things as alleged discrimination, unfair dismissal and sexual or workplace harassment.

Errors and Omissions

Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) is a type of professional liability insurance that protects companies and their workers or individuals against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions.

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